August 9, 2016

Evolution Of Media

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I made this infographic illustration of the Philippine Media for my Media and Literacy class.  

According to Mc Luhan, it's not a technological abnormality that demands our attention, since it's hard not to notice the new and different. Instead we focus on our everyday experience of technology. 
Below, is Marshall Mc Luhan's Media Map of History. He divided all human history into fourt parts, which is Tribal age, Literate age, Print age and Electronic age
Let's talk about the Tribal Age. According to McLuhan, the tribal village was an accoustic place where senses of hearing, touch and smell were developed far beyod ability to visualize. 

He also added, that "primitive" people led richer and more complex lives than their literate decendants because the ear, unlike the eye, encourages amore holistic sence of the world. Because in the Tribal Agehearing is believing

The Age of Literacy

Turning sounds into visible objects radcally altered the symbolic environment. Hearing diminished in value and quality. Literacy also jarred people out of collective tribal involvemnt into "civilized" private detachment. The act of reading text as an individual requires singular focus. 

The Print Age: Prototype of the Industrial Revolution 

In the Guternberg Galaxy, McLuhan argued that the most important aspect of movable type was it's ability to reproduce the same text over and over again, and a press run of , copies of Understanding Media suggests tha he was right. 
Many libraries have the words "The truth will set you free" carved in a stone above the main entrance. From Mc Luhan's perspective, libraries provide readers with the freedom to be alienated from others.

The Electronic Age: The Rise of Global Village

McLuhan insisted that electronic media are retribalizing the human race. Instant communication We've gone "back to the future" to becaome a village unlike any other previous village. We're now a global village. Electornic media brings us in touch with everyone, everywhere, instantaneously.

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