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July 29, 2012

A-Z ♥

Here's a lovely alphabet list taken from the book Home Sweeter Home - Creating A Haven Of Simplicity And Spirit by Jann Mitchell.

A home which offers more than simply shelter to its occupants provides...

Appreciation, honoring of Ancestors, space for an Altar (*see info at end)
Comfort, Coziness, Convenience

Enough (and not too much)
Forgiveness and Friendliness
God (or recognition of something greater than ourselves)
Hugs and Honesty

Image from We Heart It via Deviant Art.

Kids (or at least recognition of the child within us all)

Music and Meditation
Nurturance and Nature
Openess of heart and mind
Pets and Plants

Image from We Heart It via The Daily Kitten.

Image from We Heart It via Flickr.

Quiet and Quilts
Reverence for the sacred in everyday life
Solitude and Serenity
Touch and Texture

View and Vision
Xtra helpings of love when you and others need them

Image from We Heart It via Tumblr.

You, present to the moment, and those you love
Zest for living.

Image from We Heart It via Tumblr.

*From above - An altar in this sense is refering to a personal altar. You may already have one and not even know it. A mantel with treasured photos, a windowsill displaying a few loved items, a table with some objects paying homage to nature - rocks, shells, a lovely twig and leaves. An altar is a place to represent the things you are working on bringing into your life, the things you wish to pay respect and gratitude to.

Ask yourself: 'Does my home manifest many of the ABC's of a nurturing home?'

Which leads to: 'How can I create a more nurturing atmosphere within my home? What's missing?'

Because: Your home is what you make it..... you can choose to consciously create an atmosphere that cradles, nurtures, and supports you throughout your life.


  1. Hi Jodie! I included you in my blog roll for my blog xx I would love to guest post here :)

    1. Hi, Regina! Thanks, Okay! I'll send you a request! ;)

  2. Okay :) Request where? :)

    1. Check your email, Dear. :)


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