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July 26, 2012

Guest-Post by Hannah

Hello lovely readers! I'm Hannah from [through my keyboard] and I will be doing a guest-post for y'all today! :D

I thought I would do a guest-post about how to guest-post. Yeah, it's redundant. But here goes!
So a guest-post is when others invite you [or you ask] to do a post on someone else's blog. You either email the post or login to post on their blog. You can post whatever you want. But there can be good guest-posts or bad ones. But here are 7 basic things you want to think about:

1. Introduce yourself.

That first little paragraph? Yeah, I told you who I was and that I was doing a post. You don\''t want to rush in and say "Here's a post. [blahblahblah] Oh and I'm Hannah by the way." People will be like "What? What's going on?" So say hello and introduce yourself!

2. Say what your post will be about.

Like I said "This is a post about so and so." Tell your temporary readers what your post is about or they might get confused. It's a little more formal than rambling on your own blog, you want to act like you're making a speech and address the people like they're respectable strangers instead of your bffs that you've known for forever. Do you get me?
3. Show it in the title.

Write something in the title like "Guest-Post about So and So" or "Guest-Post by Your Name", like I did. It lets the followers know "Hey it's a guest-post" when they first see the headline. It helps so people know what's going on at the start.

4. Keep it in moderation.

Don't go rambling on and on and on. Remember what I said about being a bit more formal. If it's an informational post, get to the point. Don't go and keep posting about things the people may not even know about you, and that don't matter about the point you're getting to. As a guest-poster you're giving the normal readers a break, and you want it to be enjoyable and different than normal posts. And at the same time you don't want it to be "over the top."

5. Make it look nice.

You don't want your unknown readers' first look at you say "Ooo, she's a bad writer/speller!!" Proofread over your paper so that miskates dun't hapyn andd the readrs thunk your a crayze wryter. Get me? Think about first impressions--if you write a wonderful guest-post that's nice and proofread and spelled well these unknown people are going to think "Hey, she's a good poster--I may want to check out her blog!" But if everything isn't as good, the readers won't bother. It makes an impression.

6. Let your readers enjoy themselves.

When I am the guest-poster I want you to think it's all about you!! I want to write an awesome post that is going to make you happy and make you think "Hey, she's pretty cool!" Don't go and write "Me me mememememememe it's all about me!" Instead write stuff that says "You you youououououououou! I am here to entertain/inform you!" Here I'm not talking about my experiences, or my emotions, or my problems, I'm writing a post to help you get to be a better guest-poster! Not all about me. And i'm not getting into my problems and my mistakes, instead I'm giving you tips.

7. Finally, thank your host.

Thank the person who is graciously letting you guest-post! Like I will do now. *ahem*
Thanks so much, Jodie, for letting me post on your blog--it was awesome to write this out for you! It was a lot of fun and it's been awesome emailing with you and posting on your lovely blog!

[get me? Thank the host. They gave up their blog for a day to help you. so thank them.]
I hope y'all liked my guest-post about guest-posting!! :D And I hope it fit to standards. :) Thanks again, Jodie! :D

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Wishing Hearts

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  1. Wonderful guest post Hannah!! :) I enjoyed reading your tips on how to write a good guest post! :) Very helpful!!! :)

  2. Thanks Britt!!! ♥

  3. Hi, Hannah! Thanks, for guest-posting! I love it so much! Thanks, again! :-)

  4. Thanks Dan!

    Oh thank YOU Jodie for letting me post, and I'm so glad you like it!! :D Anytime!!


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