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October 6, 2012

A Bit About Me...

Hello my name is Chloe and I blog over at The Secret Life of an Ordinary Girl.

I pull faces in photos..

I  live in Australia in a small house with 3 other people and a dog called Max, 2 rabbits called Hopper and Caramel, a guinea pig called Milo, a budgie called Flappie and 2 turtles called Slimey and Rosey...oh and a couple of fish.

My sister, Phoebe

The rabbits and some of our late, deceased guinea pigs..


At school and I love Italian, History, Art, Music and English. All of the others give me a headache...but I don't mind Geography...sometimes.

I play 4-5 grade French Horn and I am in this band who are next week performing at the Sydney Opera House! Oh and next year we are touring the lovely Hawaii!!!
Yesterday, in fact, I got my very own French Horn and I am really excited because I have only ever hired an instrument :)

So in my spare time, I enjoy playing music on my instument, taking photos of pretty things around me, painting and drawing and SHOPPING!

I love Blythe Dolls but sadly my family doesn't share the same passion...I only have one. But she is beautiful!

 (The photo is meant to be like that.)
She is a Bohemian Peace Blythe called Melody.

Thanks soo much Jodie for inviting me to guest post on your blog!

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