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October 7, 2012

[A food review: Mochi Creme]

I asked my mom if I can buy a Mochi Creme Mango! And she said yes! YAY! So, I'm just going to post this short review because I so-so love Mochi Creme Mago Flavor!

What is Mochi Creme?
Mochi Ice Cream is a Japanese confection made from sticky rice with premium ice cream inside (Melts in your mouth). You can choose from these flavors: Chocolate, Red Bean, Purple Yam, Mango, Green Tea Matcha, Black Sesame, Strawberry and Blue Vanilla.

 You have to wait for a few minutes before you can eat the mochi because it is frozen!

*Sorry for the low quality of the photo.
I'd really come back to Mochi Creme! On my birthday, my mom will buy me a lot of Mochi Creme! And I'm very excited to taste them all! :)
My Review:
I give this Mochi Creme: ✰✰✰✰
It's really so so yummy! It's a must try! The ice-cream inside is so delicious. It's not like the other ice-creams I've tasted. It really melts in your mouth.
The price of this mochi creme is ₱60.00 - ₱65.00
$1.44- $1.56!
It's kinda pricey for a desert, but it's worth-it!
Hugs! <3


  1. It looks yummy! :)

    1. It is! You have to try it! (well, if you find a branch)!!

  2. I don't even have a clue what Mochi Cream is!! but you make is sound like it is so good!!!
    have a great day! ;)

  3. Hahaha... Thanks for dropping by Morgan! :) Have a great one too...

  4. hi jodie, me, nica and nathan would love to have a taste of this Mochi.

    where's the nearest store?...need to grab some!...hehe! :D

    1. Hi, Tita Pen, the nearest branch is Podium. :) near Mega Mall. :)


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