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October 17, 2012

{ A Knotieties Giveaway}

Hey everyone!

It's now time for the Knotieties giveaway! Hip-Hip-Hooray!!
Now this is what you'll win!
It could be one of these awesome products!!
This is open internationally!

Speak Now 10 pack originalssoft & sweet : original {knotieties} 10 packrainbow brights : original {knotieties} 10 pack
ballerina : original {knotieties} 10 packcarnival : original {knotieties} 10 packlove day : original {knotieties} 10 pack
ray of sunshine : original {knotieties} 10 packtropical : original {knotieties} 10 packblondes : original {knotieties} 10 pack
brunettes : original {knotieties} 10 packpretty n pink :  original {knotieties} 10 packthe blues : original {knotieties} 10 packpastel : original {knotieties} 10 packcrystal crown : originalalphabet crystal : original
holiday : original {knotieties} 10 packgo team silver&black : original {knotieties} 10 packrich jewels : original {knotieties} 10 pack
Join the raffle copter below!

Hey, bloggers! A little note, Join my current giveaway! It's here!

Love lots!


  1. This one is really gorgeous.


  2. I love this.

  3. Hey Jodie! :) I entered the giveaway as Emma Kate Wright, but it says I did Emma K. :P Just wanted to let you know ;)

  4. Hi, Princess,

    I entered the giveaway... :)

    I love the metallic velvet thingies...

  5. My favourite item from her shop is the triple filigree headband. :)

  6. Heya! J'adore the faith, love and hope hair ties, too cute! And the pink and blue knotie bracelets and the bronze vintage cross bracelets. It's such a cute brand. =^-^=


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