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October 23, 2012

une mise à jour

Hey, everyone!

Just a quick une mise à jour (update) for you my readers.
Been so busy this past few weeks. :( And I have no time to visit your blogs, well.. sigh.
How's your week?

Mine has been:
Swimming Lessons + Homeschool + Household Chores + Church Activities + Cat and Dog litter!


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My Swimming Lessons Update;

Practicing for 3-5 months already and on a competition level.
I finally 'perfected' the breast-stroke. Me and my co-homeschoolers had a race  and look who won.
Yeah, I know, I look so so weird!  :P
And mom just bought us new swimming paddles! :)

Homeschool Update;

I'm currently studding and focusing on Algebra. That is so freakin' hard. :(

[ submitted by Clara Wilker ]

An open letter to Algebra.

Church Activities;

Hooray! I finally found the 'perfect' ministry for me. ;)
Recently, I joined the 'Grace-Works-Ministry' in our church. It's a skit-ministry. I am the mom of one of my co-members, and I'm so excited! :-)

Cat and Dog litter update;

Me and my sister is assigned the clean the dog and cat litter (I know, you'd say  'eeewwww' or maybe 'yuck', 'gross' or what ever.. "You'll never understand a crazy-cat-lady if you aren't one."~Mom.
I post my cats' and dogs pictures on my instagram account. Follow me at: @little_misssunhine16

PPS: We tried the new flavors of the Mochi Ice Cream! It's so so yummy!


  1. Congratulations for winning 1st place!

    1. Hahahah! That's just a "practice-race"! :) Btw, Thanks!!

  2. oh wow congratulations for winning! That is so awesome! I used to be homeschooled too! That is so cool! I loved it wen I did it, but then my mom got sick, so I had to go to public school. Algebra is WAY HARD!! I hope that it is going well though! I like the new blog layout!
    you have a wonderful day!


    1. Thanks, Morgan! Really? Awesome! Oh. Thanks, again!

      You too, have a great day with Jesus!

      ♥ Jodie.


"The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing." ~ Proverbs 12:18