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December 24, 2012

The Scribbler Award.

This is a small award on Heart Strings. Well, It started here. (obvious--ly) *wink*

All you need to do is copy the image and copy the rules and do them.. (no need for permission)

Okay, Here are the rules:
Tag 10 bloggers (or more than or less than, it's your choice). who you think are great scribblers.
Make sure to link their blogsites.
Only tag bloggers who write interesting facts, D.I.Y's, tutorials and their thoughts.

I am awarding:
    Emily from Crafty Girl*
    Ty from Know and Tell Crafts
    Zalia from Zalia's Stories
    Alyssa from Solely Alyssa
    Becky from A Dainty Fawn
    Rissi from Dreaming Under The Same Moon
    Jemimah from Ink and Iridescence
    Arielle from Spaceship to Infinity
    Grace from It's My Life
    Grace from It's Just Me Grace
    Zali from Picking Daisies
    Amber from Dandelions from Miles
    Sofia from Little Brown Paper Bag
    Lili from Tam and Lili
    Oliva from Livi Cupcake
    Bames from Bames Live
    Dan from Danitopia
    Shelley form Being Shelley
    Lesha from iHeartLesha


    1. Nice award idea! Very cool! :)

      1. Hi, Shelley! I am very sorry I wasn't able to tag you. I did now. ;) Thanks, btw.

    2. Thank you very much ☻ !

    3. Thanks for the tag Jodie! Lotsa LUV! <3

    4. Thank you so much, Princess :)

    5. CONGRATS, Jodie! And THANK YOU so much for including me in your nominees! I really appreciate it. :)

      Merry (belated) Christmas.

      1. You're Welcome! Sure thing.;)

        Belated Merry Christmas, too you!

    6. Really cool award! :) I've never seen this before, and I like it. Simple and lets us know about new crafty blogs. ^^

      Thanks for the email! x

      Indie by heart


    "The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing." ~ Proverbs 12:18