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February 23, 2013

Good For Me\ JS Designs Studio


JS Designs Studio is one of my favorite shop on etsy. I contacted her if she can send items to review, and she did! I'm very excited to share my experience with you all. She sent the package on February 11, 2013 and I got it on February  21 , 2013. See how fast it is?  In just 8 days I got the package! :) 

Here are the items she sent me:

Kimono Styled Slippers valued at $18.00(USD)
I love this kimono styled slippers! They are so comfy to use!
When the shoe pad gets dirty you can wash it!
I'm also in-love with this pretty pattern!
My size is 9 and it so perfect. I always wear them. Actually, I'm wearing them right now.
They also have non-slip pads. 

 Strawberry lipbalm is just my fave! It's just like chapstick. 
But this is very cheap and chemical free. All natural. 
 The lip balm stays for 2 hours without eating and drinking.
But hey, I gave my kitties a kiss, it's still here. ♥
This is very good for winter! Has a safety seal. Better safe than sorry.


When you buy from Jenny's Shop you'll get a free lipbalm! Choose your own flavour!

The choices are Strawberry, Coffee, Vanilla Bean, Grape, Blue Raspberry, and Chocolate Mint. When buying, Just mention my blog or this blog post (link it). Have a great time buying at JS Designs Studio

I'm also having a 100 followers giveaway! I hope you can join! <3


  1. Great looking slippers... must be very comfortable... :)

    1. Yes they are! :) Thank you for reading, Ms Bames. :)

  2. Love your slippers!
    The pattern is really cute and the shop looks like a good deal though :))

    xx Barbora♥

  3. Hello lovely fans! Jodie was so great to work with and I appreciate all the nice comments. I have marked the slippers down 25% off through March 3rd for all you great readers to get a great deal on this new item. Like Jodie said above, just mention her blog in the notes when you make a purchase and I will throw in a tube of lip balm for free! Thanks again!


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