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February 18, 2013

How to: Remove Your Following Blogs on Your Blogger Profile.

I don't like seeing blogger profiles with a lot of links because of the blogs they follow.
So you're asking how to remove that? Here's how.
1. Go to your blogger account.  
2. Click on 'Edit Profile'
3. You'd see this page after clicking 'Edit Profile' 
You'd see 'Sites I follow' with a check on that box.
4.  Now, Unclick that.
5. Then click save changes.
6. You'd see this pop-out.
7. Ta-da! Blogs you follow will be gone! Huzzah!
I want to see your profile clean! :)
Please leave a love below, I'd love to see your profile clean!


  1. Your polka-dot header is adorbs, Jodie. :)

    The "clean" look of a profile w/o a blogger's dashboard is always nicer. :)

  2. Good idea, cleaning out your profile! I just might do it! Will it take the links to my blog off?


    1. HI, Lindsay!

      Nope, It wont. It will just remove the blogs you're following.. :)

      I'm having a giveaway! I hope you can join!

      Giveaway Is Right Here! ♥


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