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February 2, 2013

What Bloggers Want//Mel's Eclectic Suplies!

Mel sent me some items to review! I got so excited, when I got the package! (Unexplainable)
Who would not  love Mel's items? Every teen blogger wants to have this, right?
Mel's  items are so good for journaling! I used some of the items she gave me in my journal!

What I got:

Paper Straws-- This would totally Fit your party! Check out Mel's store to see more colors.
Washi Tapes-- This is a MUST BUY! It's very cheap and comes with different designs.
Small Paper Bags-- This is also a must buy! Save the earth, pay less! This paper bag is also cheap!
You can put mini home-made cookies, chocolates, M&M's! I used this when I gave my mom a birthday gift. Choose from a lot of colors and patterns!
Stickers(Set 1)- They're inside the mini paper bags! I was surprised when I saw them, Actually, My mom found it, and she wants to get some too, haha! So Cute, it doesn't dry easily like other stickers!
Big and Small Tags!- I love these! It so useful, when you're rushing for a gift, this the perfect one for you! Just use the baker's twine and put it on your gift. Instant gift tag! It comes in different colors!
Dr. Stinky's Scratch and Sniff- Birthday Cake - 2 Sheets -- Smells so good, ohhh.. oops! I was typing, yeah! Haha! This smells so good. If only you could smell! You can choose from different favors! Comes with a bonus sticker inside!

Washi Tape in 1 sheet and Sugar Doggy Sticker! ---
I used the washi tape and the sugar doggy on my planner! The Sugar Doggy Sticker is transparent, very good for scrapbooking! The washi tape too!

Medium Paper Bags-- This is also a must buy! Save the earth, pay less! This paper bag is also cheap!
You can put notebooks, papers, cute stuffs and give it to a friend.
Choose from a lot of colors and patterns!

Large Paper Bags--They're so big! I think  a samsung tablet can fit on that paper bag!
Love the pink polka dot bag!

Baker's Twine-- Cheap and nice to use! ♥ I used this on my D.I.Y bookmarks!
Tutorial will be posted soon. Comes in different colors too! ♥

This is her lovely letter! ♥ Thank you Mel for the package!☻

Come  and visit Mel's shop! Where everything is cute! ♥♥♥♥

Want something reviewed? See here!


  1. This stuff is so cute! Definitely gonna check her etsy shop out. :)


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