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March 6, 2013

How to: Change Your Favicon

Do you have that blogger favicon in your blog? And you want to remove it? 
Here's a tip on how to change that! A bonus freebie for the readers!( It will be on the bottom of the article. :*)

Step 1>>
Sign in > Click Your Blog > Layout 

Favicon > Edit

Choose File> Choose your file from your desktop. 
Then click save! Ta-da!

You have your favicon! 

Here are the freebies. Fav-icons for you,resized and cute!
These are all hand-drawn. So please, if you're going to use them, please link back.
Thank you! :D 
Open the picture and save it. :)

This is my 190th post! :) Huzzzaahhh!!


  1. Great tutorial! Would you mind if I posted about it on my blog designing website? I would say you made it of course.

  2. Only knew about this now! :) thanks for sharing.


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