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March 2, 2013

How To: Personalised Comments

////works for blogger only/// 
A lot of bloggers ask me on how to do this simple one, I've decided to make one publicly!
So my readers can see them too!
Now let's start!
Log in to your blogger account > Click on your blog > Layout >
You'd see this page!
Click on 'edit' {Blog Post >Edit(Right Bottom}
This page would pop-out.
Change it whatever you want!

Click "SAVE"

You're done! ta-daaa!
please link back if you're posting this on your blog.. ;)

190th post! huzaahhh!!


  1. I've always thought that that was always a fun way to personalize your blog and make it your own. But it hasn't worked well for me lately, maybe i'll try it again.

    1. It may not work in some themes... You have to remove the ''
      something something.. So that might be the reason. Let me check that later. I'm on mobile. ;)

    2. Oops, the HTML code was gone. I'll update this post later, so stay-tuned!! :D

  2. Thank you!!! :)) I´m so happy you shared this tip♥♥
    I will give it a try right now!

    xx Barbora♥

    1. You're welcome, Barbora! BTW, you won the giveaway.. :)

  3. Excellent tip, shared it with a blogger friend and intend to do it myself as I like it better then comments! Congrats on making it to 100 followers, I am still working on that one myself:) I guess I am 101 for you! If you would like to check out my blog and follow back I am running my first giveaway right now at: http://angeloriantradition.blogspot.com/2013/03/st-patricks-day-lucky-giveaway.html Feel free to stop by and enter♥

    1. I followed you blog. :) thank you for visiting! I hope you visit again! :) I maybe join your giveaway.... I'm on mobile. :)


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