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March 7, 2013

What Cats Love/ The Gallant Grizzly/Giveaway

Hello there fellow, Feline Lovers! Here is a review of The Gallant Grizzly! Ashlynn the owner is sponsoring a Catnip Jelly Bean for you guys to win!

I asked Ashlynn if she can send my kitties items so I can review, and she did! We have a lot of things in common, I love her shop!!

Nom Nom Nom Nom.

She sent me:

Kraken Review:

This little Kraken.

The size is: 8" x 2 1/2"
The eyes are really  not coming off. Even if your furry babies pull them with their sharp fangs! Safety eyes indeed! Your babies wont choke! 100% Safe. Bubbles loves the Kraken. She wants to sleep with it. They love the tentacles! My mom calls it the octopus.

Cat teaser Review:

The cat teaser is absolutely cruelty free! Made of felt! There is a bell for extra fun! Juana one of our cats is addicted to it! LOL! The string is long, so you wont hurt yourself if you're going to play with your babies!

Perogi Review:

Perogi Review:

As you can see in the first photo above, Benjamin is loving the perogi, he got GAGA over it! The time I opened my package, He was sniffing. Wanna see the picture? Here it is! I removed my address! Can you spot Rover our dog? Hahah! Even he is excited to see what's in it!
It was scented 'cat-nip' you can choose from Cat nip or butter scent!

Fortune Cookie Review:

The moment Benjamin saw the fortune cookie, He never let go of the cookie. This is a great buy for you cat lovers! I recommend this one!!

Jelly Bean Review:

Jelly Beans! Who loves them! I do, do you? My cats love them too! The lovely color and the sweet taste! Juana and our other cats loves this Jelly Bean! 

Ashlynn is giving away a cat nip toy! Join the giveaway below! 

If you're a blogger, join the raffle copter.
If your joining via facebook see this post.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. As much as we do not have any pet cats... we do have an adopted stray that loves to sleep in a room in front of our house... I bet she would love the jelly bean catnip (because I really find them cute). That is the product I like at the Gallant Grizzly etsy store :)

    1. Thank you for joining, Ms. Bames. :)

  2. My cats would love this, http://www.etsy.com/listing/104884648/cruelty-free-feather-cat-toy.

    1. Thank you for joining, Hannah. :-)

  3. oHHH This is extremly cute!!!
    I love your ctas to moon and back!! They are soo soo cute♥♥:3♥♥

    I would loove to have a cat ^^

    xx Barbora♥♥

  4. Great Giveaway :) The kitty is so adorable!
    I would love to win Jelly Bean for my cat Ella to play with!
    Thank you

    1. Thank you for joining, Daphne Gracie! My fingers are crossed for you two! :) Ella is adorable. :)

  5. Well, I love the jelly beans! They are so cute, and I know that my cats Jack and Maggie would LOVE them!!! My second favorite item is the Box o' Catnip Chocolates! They are super, super cute!!! Thanks for having this giveaway!


    1. Thank you for joining, Grace!

  6. The Jelly beans are so cute! My two kittens would love to win them! My favorite thing in Ashlynn's shop are the Catnip Corn Dogs. They are so cute! Thanks for having this awesome giveaway!


    1. Thank you for joining, Lindsay!

  7. Hi Jodie!

    This is such a great giveaway! The little Jelly Beans are so cute! My favorite item from Ashlynn's shop is the Box O' Catnip Chocolates. Thanks!



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