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May 19, 2013

Hancox Homestead Review!

Hellen, from Hancox Homestead sent me her handmade bath and beauty products!

Here are the items she sent:

3 bath bombs for 10.00

This bath-bomb is just so cool! Haven't you tried a bath-bomb?
If you haven't, try Hancox Homestead's bathbomb that comes in different sents!

Honey & Rose petals fragrant round bee honey soap

Honey & Rose petals fragrant round bee honey soap

This just smells good. I'm 100% sure you'll love the sent of this soap!
This is handmade, no chemicals!
Here are the ingredients of the soap!
Soap base ingredients;
Purified water, Coconut, Vegetable glycerin, Honey, Stearic acid, Sodium laurate, Sodium myristate , Propylene glycol, Sorbitol.

Set of three Romance tea bags

Set of three Romance tea bags
These lovely romance tea bags are the BEST! I just loove them, the smell so good! 
After using the bag, I opened the pack, inside in it was full of rose petals and some rose mary's! 

Strawberry lipbalm with added bees wax
I just love lib balms! this one if 'flavoured' strawberry!
It's just like strawberry but, I feel it's like strawberry cupcakes! 
I can taste the bees wax!

Thank you so much for reading my review! 

Be sure to check Hancox Homestead and buy something from their shop!

Check their other shop called Helisa Jewelry handmade by Helen!


  1. the bee soap is just so cute!
    I changed my blog URL to:

  2. The soap looks too pretty to use! :)

    BTW... I have nominated you for some awards so please check out:
    Bames Live


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