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August 13, 2013

Good Reads.

I've been reading blogs this past few weeks. I'm also quite active in instagram and tumblr. 
I just want to share with you all the blogs I am reading and loving. Sorry if I missed some blogs but, feel free to share your links in the comments section. :)

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Craft and Random Things:


 Cupcake Crafty is a lifestyle blog about creating your beautiful life. I share ways to create a inspired lifestyle for you!! Taking time to make something pretty is something I believe in along with handmade. The best things in life are always homemade. Sharing projects to make your life just a little sweeter.

''I love to draw, watch lots of things (cartoons, movies, musicals.... you name it!) eat cookies, sing Disney songs at the top of my lungs, and read lots of books.'' ~ Arielle

Alyssa is in love with photography, graphic/web design, any type of crafting, hiking/camping, biking,  blythe, playing trumpet, ukulele, french horn, and doing lots of other wonderful things.

She just loved reading all the wonderful blogs girls her age had and she thought it would be so much fun if  Chole could start one of her self ! She was trying to think of cute names or quotes and Chole love birds so the one she chose was perfect. . I try to post a variety of things usually around crafty stuff. 

Emily loves fashion, making things, playing with her puppy and having fun! She also loves to read, take photos and make mini movies, shop and day-dream!

She loves, pinterest, hello kitty and the colour pink. Well, most of her blog posts is about fashion.  

Book Reviews and Thoughts:

 Bames Live is a blog that was born out of my desire to share my quirkiness to the rest of the world (as the humans and canines in our home have become bored with it... lol).
If you love too read, this blog is for you she posts daily book reviews! She's addicted to e-books and books in short, she's a book worm.  

''I aspire to be a storyteller + artist, pen and camera in hand,
celebrating both beauty and imperfections.
But I'm also learning embrace simplicity and to simplify.
Because 'יהוח (Yahuah) must become greater, I must become less.'
I'm learning to appreciate this life He has given.
To discover adventures in the extra and the ordinary.
To live intentionally and intrepidly with a brave and beautiful perspective.
Come and explore with me.'' ~ Jemimah
If you've been reading my blog since 2011, she designed 2 themes especially for me. 
Fashion and Things Girly:

''I like dressing up, Big Bang Theory and doodling (I love that word.)  I like writing too, which is why I'm writing this blog. I live in the UK and whilst I love all pretty things, I also have a strong hated for clumpy mascara and bad hair extensions.'' ~ Lexie 

Gen loves posting jewelries, clothes everything girly! She just reached 100 followers, would you love to follow her so she can get 101? :)

an 18 year old fashion student from Scotland who has dreams of being a designer. I have a passion for Japan and its culture, along with a love for reading, blogging, guiding and tumblr procrastinating.

 Instead of boring you with a lengthy paragraph on my monotonous life, I'll just bullet some not-so interesting facts about myself. (cont)


  1. Wow... You have a great list. Thank you for featuring my blog :)

    P.S. I love your new look

    1. Thanks, Ms. Bames! :) You're welcome too.

  2. I love your list of blogs! A few of them I had followed, but now... I have a bunch more! XD
    Xox. Kayla

    1. Hi, Kyla! Im so sorry I forgot your blog. I'll add it. I'm just a ghost reader. I don't leave comments, but trust me I read your blog. :) Thanks for always leaving a comment and reading my articles!


  3. Oh my! I feel so honored! Thank you so much! It makes me so happy knowing someone truly enjoys my blog so thank you so so much c: lots of hugssssss <3

    1. Thank you for reading my blog too. kisses! :)

  4. Aw wow, thank you so much for putting my blog up there - you've made my day!! Thanks so much sweetie :> A few blogs I haven't heard of before, will check em out now, thank you!


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