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September 27, 2013

Apps You Need To Have + Inspiration

I wanna share the apps I have and the ones that I don't have but you should  download.
Some of them are free, just so you know. I advice you to bring a paper while you read this post (you may wanna write the app names, but I will link it to The App Store.)

You can use blogger when you write articles on-the-go.
I don't really use this application, because it gives me an odd feeling. 
If you're uncomfortable in using the Blogger app, try BlogGo. ($1.99)
iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 3


I just use instagram when I have really nice snapshots from our iPad. 
Check my feed here or here!
These screenshots below are the version of iOs 7.
It's also really advice able to have social medias if you're in the blogger world! 

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 4iPhone Screenshot 5


I saw the lovely Jemimah who used this on her instagram account.
Check her lovely gallery! Vsco cam has a nice filter for your photos. (Not like the built in instagram features!) They have an easy share button, you can quickly share your Vsco Cam images in a snap!
iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 4iPhone Screenshot 3

I don't have this, but I am going to download this. An app from The Wonder Forest
It focuses your images perfectly. I think your images must be HD (high definition) so you can focus them well. 

iPhone Screenshot 5iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 1

A Beautiful Mess
I don't have this too, but I really really wanna have this!! 
A great app to edit your photos. Decorate with frames, doodles, text and a lot more!
includes beautiful filters! instagram ready!

iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 3iPhone Screenshot 5

More to come soon! 

I gave my blog a new look again! Please let me know what you think of it!

If you're reading via Blog lovin'or Email please go to my blog and check it out. Can't wait to announce to you all guys, I'm having a giveaway very soon so stay tuned!

Inspiration + 

photography | TumblrUntitled

oh no ....
Women bicycles fields wallpaper | (139201)
2006-01-19-14_09_19_3 no Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!Allison antm
шоколад | Tumblr

all images (screenshots) came from their app links.
images from 'inspiration'- weheartit
this is not a sponsored  post/ 


  1. Awesome! I would get these apps.... if you know, I had a cell phone. :P

  2. Those photos at the end are gorgeous!
    Would you mind checking out my blog? I will definitely be following yours after I finish typing this!

    x Erin


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