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January 7, 2014

Fourteen Four Cafe

A sunny day to eat out at fourteen four cafe. 


a vintage camera from fourteen four cafe.

this is my favorite spot in fourteen four cafe because it's so retro-vintage looking. 

Ate Rows, me, Jonah.

Ate Rows and I 

their decoration for Christmas!

 the wash room outside.

fourteen four cafe is located in Taytay,Rizal.
we visited there a few weeks ago (12/29/13)
I loved the place and the Aligue & Tuyo is so delicious and it costs ₱230 ($5.13), it's good for two people (if you're not that hungry). 
The fourteen 4 iced tea was good and it has a pinch of sour-ness, it's your-normal-iced-tea at home. ₱60 ($1.34)
The fried calamari was good to but since it's battered with beer, I didn't like it. But it was good though. ₱225 ($5.02)
Their Sesame crusted dory was good too, I don't like  sesame seeds that's why I don't feel eating it and the dory was so soft. but it was worth-it!  ₱195 ($4.35)

Thank you so much Ate Rows for treating us in Fourteen Four Cafe!

we'll be visiting resturants this week and next week so watch out for my food reviews. 

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