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October 16, 2014

Need Inspiration?

After a long blog break. I'm back to blogging! I just thought of this article while browsing through my favorite blogs. These are design/art related blogs. Photoshop is one of my favorite applications here on my laptop. I use CS5 by the way! So here we go!

1.  r e e s e y p e a s y - Reese Lansangan 
''Reese Lansangan is many things she cannot compromise. She is a 22 year old visual artist, graphic designer, musician, and fashion student – all rolled into one convenient sushi.
Reeseypeasy.com is her virtual cave filled with art experiments, songwriting attempts, twenty-something thingamabobs, and a collection of life’s flotsam and jetsam.''

If you're looking for inspiration, Reese's blog is the best! She's the BEST when it comes to collages and photoshop stuff. She has no tutorials in her blog, but I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy her photos. She travels to Japan, Tokyo, Korea and other places! Reese is also a musician, she writes her songs. Click here to go to her soundcloud account! From all of her songs, (by the way I LOVE THEM ALL) Where Did All The Nice Guys Go? is my fave! 

2. Pugly Pixel - Katrina Tan
''I'm Katrina. I make websites, and I take pictures. I enjoy unusual layouts and colorful interfaces. Pugly Pixel is my tiny piece of the Internet."

I have been a reader of Pugly Pixel since 2012! I haven't installed photoshop then, I use paint.net (which is an app for beginers). But, last year I got Photoshop CS3! Then, I tried Pugly Pixel's tutorials. I promise you, Katrina is the best when it comes to PS! She works so clean and smooth. Katrina is also a filipina that makes me so proud! - ''Say My Name'' // Pugly Pixel
Oh the sequins/glittery circles (pictured above) was from Pugly Pixel's freebies. Check Pugly Pixel's shop here. 
Here's a tip, when you're coding or designing make sure you're listening to your favorite songs before you explode with all the codes and layers! Well, that's what I do. Hopefully, that would work for you too. 

3. The Wonder Forest - Dana Fox

"I'm Dana Fox. A country girl from Ontario who makes a living  online by creating things and beautifying blogs all over the world."

Dana designs the best blogger layouts! Check envye here! Before watercolour got famous, she's been making art with that already! If you're wondering I haven't bought anything from the envye shop, because my allowance can't cover my blogging expenses. Wonder Forest is a one-stop-blog. Dana writes about fashion, art, life, beauty and DIY tutorials! She also makes apps for smartphones

 Have you heard of I Know Write MNL? If you're a young blogger from Manila and want to be inspired, we've cooked something for you again! 

I Know Write MNL presents, Inspired By! 

With our speakers, Kim Jones from kimcamjones.com, Renee De Guzman from reneeedg.com, Paul Chuapoco from paultheprguy.com and a special performance by Reese Lansangan from reeseypeasy.com!! Registration fee is 500 pesos (inclusive of bloggers kit + snacks) Check IKW's twitter, instagram and facebook page to stay updated. 

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  1. Ah, I love this post so much! Your new header is so cute, too (is that Airbag I see, haha!) (✿◠‿◠) Really looking forward to upcoming blog posts! See you soon :)

    1. Thank you so much Zianne! YES THAT IS AIRBAG! haha I love it when people recognize fonts! See you in IKW's third event?? :)

  2. Looove it!!! And yes, we need inspiration, all the time :)


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