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December 31, 2014

Inspired By

I Know Write Manila Team with Kim Jones, Paul Chuapoco, Renee De Guzman and Reese Lansangan.
Woohoo! Another I Know Write Manila event! 
We missed you Lara and Cidee
I am so happy to finally see Arielle and Niña again after a long time, sadly Niña and I do not have a picture together. 

Here's I Know Write MNL's Inspired by!
Again, I was so busy at the IKW backstage, I wasn't able to listen to all of the speakers. 
I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy all of our shots. Thank you to our photographer Peewee!!

Paul Chuapoco
Paul Chuapoco of The PR Guy
Renee De Guzman 
Renee De Guzman of paper doll
Reese Lansangan
Reese Lansangan of reeseypeasy.com
OK Reese is one of my favorite artists!! She sang Exploration No.5Creeper & A Song About Space. (my favourites *yes!*) And she dedicated A Song About Space because IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY THE DAY AFTER I KNOW WRITE: INSPIRED BY!! I WAS SO HAPPY I ALMOST CRIED *Sorry I'm such a fan haha*

Kim Jones
Kim Jones of Miss Jones
Kim shared her favorite verse, Jeremiah 29:11 which is one of my favorite verses too!
If you haven't seen Jericho's proposal to Kim you should check it out here. 
Kim and Echo are such a blessed couple. They look so good together. #Godsbest

Kim, with his very handsome husband, Jericho Rosales!! We were so excited when we saw them. 
Kim is very sweet and kind, I Know Write MNL team is so glad to interact with her.
Jericho also led the prayer before we end the event!! 

Nina & I poking the straws for our Jamba Juice drinks! 
A big thank you to Jamba Juice for our smoothies!

The delicious mouth watering original glazed doughnuts from Krispy Kreme!
IKW Armies with their Blo Bar freebies!

Armies with their Band Feels MNL stickers!!

winners of clothes from Top Manila!
with Ms. Honey!

A big thank you to all our sponsors
and to Hodge Podge!!

What our place looks like:

Thank you Kuya Paul for the instax films!
 1.Yannie and I 
 2. with Arielle!
3. The organizers for Inspired By/Core team (photo from Nina Alvia)
4. Kuya Paul
5. with my favorite Reese
6. the sweet Renee
7. with the beautiful Kim
8. Jericho, Kim and I
9. Jericho and I (holding Reese's ukulele)
 10. Jodie, Reese and Arielle

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Group shots:

photo from paul chuapoco 
And that's a wrap! thank you to all who made this event possible. 
To God be all the glory!
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  1. Looked like you guys had so much fun! I'm really happy to see that IKWR grew into something so big in just a matter of months. I definitely salute you and everyone involved in making this event happen, because it really is amazing and it's a first of its kind. It personally helped me so much and I know everyone who attended any of your past events have been inspired so much. So, in behalf of all the teen bloggers in oh so sunny Manila, thank you very much, and happy new year! xx


  2. You have an awesome blog!

    ~Racic | Washed by the Water

  3. Loved this post, and your blog also! <3



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