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February 23, 2015

I Know Write Turns One

ooooot ooooot! I Know Write MNL turns ONE!!!

I can remember the first time Arielle, Nina and I talked via oovoo and we were just so excited with this idea.


We had our first ever event on Feb 22, 2014 with our speaker Arriane Serafico! (check the article here)
And it was a FUN FUN experience. It's my first time to meet and hang out with bloggers. AND I MET Arriane Serafico from Wanderrgirl.. 

Here's our first ever poster and logo!
Thank you to the talented mermaid, Arielle Guevara for being our head artist. She's the one creating these posters and teasers, which are SUPER EYE CANDY AND THEY'RE GRRR8. 

The first event was a success. The armies suggested/requested for another event. So here's I Know Write MNL's summer workshop!

May 29, 2014 would another unforgettable moment for me.  (Actually every IKW event is unforgettable.)
Because I finally get to meet my foreverrrrrr favorite, Reese Lansangan.  

We've got new members in the core team this time,  Lara Labitoria, Cidee Despi & Edrianne Tui.

The speakers were awesome! Marla Miniano, Reese Lansangan and Nina Pineda. + We get to hang out with Clara Magalona who's so down to earth. 

**Cidee Despi made this poster because Arielle and Nina weren't able to help out because #SCHOOLWORK! 

I Know Write MNL's Inspired by! 

**Our new logo and poster made by our artist, Arielle Guevara. 

November 15, 2014 the day before my birthday!
 I 'celebrated' my birthday with my IKW MNL family.
With our speakers Kim Jones, Paul Chuapoco, Renee De Guzman & Reese Lansangan.

*crrrrieeeesss* Reese dedicated A Song About Space when she sang during our event.  

We've got 40 attendees this time and WOOW I'm so happy!

AND by the way, I have a polaroid picture with Jericho Rosales and he smells so good. bye.

I Know Write Turns one! 
We weren't able to celebrate our real birthdate because Febuary 22nd falls on a Sunday. And we all know that everybody's got a commitment because it's a family day, and the day to worship the Lord. 

1KW is our 'birthday party' for the I Know Write armies!
This was made possible though the kindness of Moonleaf Tea Shop. They sponsored the whole event. They're just the BEST when you're craving for milk tea. Plus the place is really cozy and the drinks are affordable. *I can highly recommend it for teens who want to hang out with a budget!*

We got our speakers from our past events.
Arriane Serafico, Marla Miniano and Reese Lansangan. 
and...... YES, Abbey Sy!!! 

I loved this event sooo much because all of my faves were there plus the whole core team members!!! 
This event is just a 'HOHOL' session (+anniv) and it was fun! We have a few attendees but it was an intimate get together.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the event: *enjooooyy*

<click to enlarge>

 Marla Miniano, Arriane Serafico, Reese Lansangan & Abbey Sy

They're just the cutest. Waaaah I love them! 

(p.s. they're holding Arielle's art!)

Our 'art' table. Messy.

Marla, Arriane, Reese, Abbey and I

#goalz, #goalsunlocked, #YES

AND HOW CUTE IS THAT? They're wearing black and white. 

The IKW MNL Core Team with our speakers!!

Arielle's art + Moonleaf tea!! 

Arriane's sticky note pads are the cutest thing ever. 

Reese singing "On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink" an original song by Reese Lansangan

Check Moonleaf's branches here! Moonleaf's website is sooo cutee!

To my IKW MNL core team, I LOVEEE you guys! 

Thank you for all the support and love. I'm so excited to build more memories with you, four. 
I thank God for this friendship we have and I hope we will continue this. You guys are my best blogging friends ever!! Thank you for the sweet messages you wrote me, they melt my heart! 
I am so thankful for your dedication with what you guys are doing. 
I know we are all busy. But you still find time to work for I Know Write. And I am so thankful for that. 
A BIG THANK YOU AND A HUG for the four of you! We've made this far. 

To the IKW MNL Armies: THANK YOU GUYS FOR ATTENDING AND SHARING THE WORD! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST IKW ARMIES EVER! And let me just share you some words of inspiration from two of my most admired mentors. "Your blog is a message to the world, make it a good one." - Arriane Serafico & "Always blog with a vision. Blog to inspire, not to brag."  - Milan Arriola

And to our Heavenly Father, thank You and we wouldn't make it this far and successful without your help and guidance. All praises and glory to you, God alone. 


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