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March 2, 2015

My Mom Is On Social Media

I was 9 when I started using the internet. I used to log in to my mom's facebook account to play games like Pet Society & Farmville. Then I turned 10,  and my mom allowed me to create my own facebook account. And she told me to be responsible with what I'm going to post and be careful who I add as friends.

I posted notes, edits, bible verses and photos. Looking back at my old posts, I found myself laughing.  I was so happy when I had my own Facebook account, I felt so cool. 

When I turned 12, I created my own twitter account. I felt so free to post anything. I can tweet everything I'm doing, feeling and whatever comes into my mind. Because at that time, I think no one really reads them and no one would even bother to reply. Then the 'nightmare' of all kids came into my life. My mom created a Twitter account. Of course, she started following me and I couldn't do anything but to follow her back. It came to me that I should review all my past tweets. To tell you the truth, I deleted most of them. Well, it's because I don't want my mom to see them. And knowing her, she might ask me what was the reason why I tweeted that. Whatever, hahaha.

First thing, I created Twitter to post freely. (AKA to hide stuff from my mom)
But you can't hide anything from my mother. She is the first to know what I am doing and even what I am still planning to do. And the fact that I'm a homeschooler, and my mom can always see me almost 24/7. Without fail, LOL!

That old Twitter account that was full of negative tweets, full of complaining and bashing was deactivated two years ago. I decided to create a new one. And more importantly I decided to be more responsible with what I'm posting.
My mom is actually everywhere, Facebook, Twitter and her new favorite, Instagram
Obviously, I have them too. And now, I am more comfortable seeing her on every social media accounts I have. I even enjoy having light and funny conversations with her, TBH.

I have this advice to young people just like me. With or without our parents on social media, let us be responsible in everything we post. 
"Think before you click." as the famous TV network's slogan goes. Don't post anything that would make you regret later. 
We are the future leaders and influencers of the next generation. So we must be responsible and be good stewards of the privileges granted to us by our parents. 


  1. Hello there! :-)
    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.


    Join in and Enjoy!

    Btw, you do have a lovely blog.


  2. My parents into the "technology stuff" (What they call it haha) So they're not on social media, but I'd like to think I try and take the responsibility they've given me seriously.
    Anyway, I love your blog - Great Post!!!

    Lauren ~ Pretty Things And Polka Dots

  3. Hello! You've a great blog, love reading your posts.
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    Have a nice day!


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