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September 13, 2015

Bayan O Sarili?

Country or Self?
(English translation to the blog post title)

I haven't written a movie review for a long time! If I can still remember the movie I last reviewed here was 'My Sister's Keeper'. I've watched a few of movies for this year with my family, Cinderella and Inside Out to name a few.

 BUT this movie Heneral Lunaa film by Jerrold Tarog (a multi-awarded Filipino film director, composer, writer, editor, and sound designer) is one of my favorite movies ever! Because of this, General Antonio Luna is now my new favorite Filipino hero. I know the background of the Philippine-American war, because we've studied that in our homeschool. We've visited national heroes' museums and shrines too. And with this movie, 
Philipine history came to life. Heneral Luna the movie is wonderfully made and the scenes perfectly executed. All scenes are to watch out for with eyes wide open. What I appreciated in this movie, is the director did not characterize anyone plainly ''the kontrabida''. Even with General Luna, he didn't portay him as the perfect hero. The movie showed him as a short tempered and arrogant General with strong principles. What I liked too is the movie is thought provoking and will stir up questions among its intelligent viewers. It is not clearly shown who the real murderer of General Luna was. The director left it to the viewing public to think. 
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I give this movie 10 out of 10 stars! (with matching applause and standing ovation) 'Heneral Luna' is R-13 because of the theme, language and violence.  Whenever my family and I watch a movie, my parents make it a point to always check the ratings from MTRCB if it's G, PG, PG-13, etc. If you like nationalistic movies like I do, you'll probably get grazy about this film because the cinematography is brilliant, the visual effects are interesting such as the part when one of General Luna's men stood up in the course of war against the Americans and his head was blewn by a shot from a cannon. The actors casted gave dignity to the story. Especially the lead role played by John Arcilla (General Antonio Luna in the movie). Personally, I consider him as one of the best actors in the industry! 
 Jerrold Tarog must have studied the story very well, because this is one of the greatest historical epic movies ever shown in my generation. 

The movie Heneral Luna offers the movie with subtitles on some malls (Power Plant Mall, Rockwell and Greenhills) because the language is really deep! (If you don't speak too much Filipino, you better watch the one subtitled!)

More reviews about this film:
 Michael Kho Lim from Daily Tribune also gave a positive review , saying “Timely as it is significant. John Arcilla breathes life to Luna. Complex. Poetic. Gripping.”

Daily Inquirer's article about Heneral Luna writes; 
"In Jerrold Tarog’s period film, “Heneral Luna,” the biggest task for the filmmaker was managing the grandiose production with over 500 extras. “The hardest challenge was maintaining the vision without being overwhelmed by the scale. We had a year-long preparation with numerous test shoots and planning stages,”  he recalls.
 On working with John Arcilla: “He knows his craft. I first saw him in Raymond Red’s ‘Anino’ years ago and thought he was awesome. Then I saw him in ‘Metro Manila’ and he already had that Luna madness. After some screen tests, it was a no-brainer.”Tarog is also credited as the film’s screenwriter and editor. 
Why would the new generation watch his film? He shares, “We did our best to steer away from hero glorification and the stiff formality of typical historical films. ‘Heneral Luna’ is not merely a history lesson but an attempt to humanize historical figures, so we can all relate to them and see ourselves and our mistakes in them. We also did our best to make it entertaining.”" 

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