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October 17, 2015


a small piece or brief extract.

Reese Lansangan is one of my favorite artists. And I've been wanting to attend her collage workshops. But it's either the venue is far or I'm out of budget. Luckily, UP Design Core  gave me an opportunity. It's not only free but it's near our place. And to top it all, we (Batang Lansangan) took this opportunity to surprise Reese because it's her birthday the following day. 

I learned a lot of tips/tricks from this workshop. I've done a lot of collages before, but I'm too afraid to post them. I realized that I shouldn't be shy because art is an expression of your individuality. I should be proud of what I am doing! ㋛ You can check my art blog here

I'd like to take this chance to thank my ever loving mother and sissy for being supportive of the things that I love to do!! ✨ They never get tired of going with me and waiting for me in all of my events. You guys are the best!

photo from Reese Lansangan (@)
photo from Shane Lopez (@)

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