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Jodie Alejaga was a proud homeschooler, now a humanities and social science senior high school student who loves talking to people, watching old movies and surfing the internet. She is a budding photographer, a vintage lover and likes listening to her own music playlist. Jodie also likes making digital/paper collages and painting with watercolor. She also has a big heart for cats and dogs. She spends her time in reading classic books, and talking to her mom and sister. Her dream is to inspire people to be themselves and to bring them close to Jesus.  

I used to have a blog before (late 2011, I was 10 then) called AAM where used to post everything ALL ABOUT ME, because that is the name of my blog. A lot of people who are really close to me advised me to change my blog's topic. Because it was too much focused on myself. And I am not glorifying Jesus. The blog shouldn't be 'All About Me'. It should be 'All About Him' because after all everything is all His. So I made a new blog and titled it 'Heart Strings'. Then I felt my blog title wasn't making sense and the topics don't connect. So I changed the blog name once again. And now, I am happy and contented with the way my blog has turned out. Read the WHOLE blog testimony here. 

A Sunny Day Blog started 2012 of May. Actually, I changed this blog title three times to be exact (Heart Strings, Oh Hello Heart Strings and finally, A Sunny Day Blog). I post tutorials, my events, my art, and my thoughts.